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In our explanation, we will also say what exactly a Bootloader does, and what it means and implies to have it locked or to be able to unlock it for a user. We will try to explain everything without technicalities so that anyone can get an idea.

A Bootloader or bootloader is one of the components that you can find in any operating system, both desktop and mobile devices. Its mission is to make several checks before starting the operating system to make sure that everything is correct, and it also gives the operating system the necessary instructions to start.

So when you boot up a computer or smartphone, the Bootloader will boot up first to see that everything is in place, that the operating system components are what they are supposed to be, and that everything can boot up correctly. And then it acts as a guide to let the operating system know what steps to take during the boot process.

reboot to bootloader

One of the first necessary steps to get into the world of root, Custom Recovery and ROMs is to check if the bootloader of the mobile is unlocked, because if it is locked the first thing you should do is to unlock it.

Now, how to unlock it? In Android we are used to the solution to many questions being «it depends» and the bootloader is no exception. To try to cover as many scenarios and models as possible, we present you three methods to achieve this.

As a bootloader, it acts as a gatekeeper in Android. A locked bootloader only allows the execution of an operating system that it «approves» (i.e. the manufacturer’s official one). Hence unlocking the Android bootloader is usually the first step before trying ROMs like LineageOS or making advanced system modifications.

If the above mode has not worked for you, an alternative present in many current mobiles, but which unfortunately varies greatly from one brand to another is to use the Recovery Mode / Fastboot / Download / Rescue of the mobile. Unfortunately, some phones have a mode and others have another, with different ways to access.

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The bootloader, or boot loader, is a critical piece of software on any device. It comes into operation before loading the operating system, for which it implements a series of tests and status checks to ensure that everything is working properly. It is also the one that launches the boot instructions before launching the other commands. Basically, in the first instance it checks the state of the device and, in the second instance, it serves as a guide to launch the actions necessary for the device to initialize correctly.

Just as when you boot a device you press the on or off button, the bootloader is responsible for launching the operating system. The first ‘welcome’ screen, in which we can see the manufacturer and model of our device, is launched by the bootloader. On the other hand, the integrity check of the boot and recovery partitions is also performed by this software. So is the execution of the kernel and, of course, the initialization of the operating system.

how long does it take to reboot to bootloader

If you have an Android phone you have probably heard of reboot to bootloader. Often this term refers to the fact that a device is locked, or that unlocking it may void the phone’s warranty.

Before we tell you what reboot to bootloader means in Android, it’s first interesting to understand what bootloader is. Most users have probably read about recovery mode and Wipe Cache Partition.

Basically, bootloader is a program that functions as a bootloader. As such, it runs every time you turn on your cell phone in order to enable the operating system, in this case Android.

In fact, the bootloader is certainly not a feature exclusive to the Android platform. That is, it is available on all devices with the operating system. That is, from a terminal cell phone and a tablet, to a computer.

The above applies to Android smartphones, with the difference that here there is only one operating system. Therefore, the bootloader decides when to run the Android system, or when to enter recovery mode.


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