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At the time of purchase, just bring your cell phone close to the POS with the screen unlocked to pay with your favorite mobile payment card – no need to open the app! You can also pay and change the payment card quickly by swiping the top notification bar of your Android with the «Tap to pay» button.

If you have a cell phone that does not meet the minimum requirements, don’t worry, you can pay with your cell phone using the TAP Sticker Contactless. This is an adhesive contactless card that you stick on the back of your cell phone and that will allow you to make purchases by bringing it close to the contactless point-of-sale terminal. Request it here.

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So, in this article we have set out to make a guide that looks at the two main points when we refer to mobile payments: what services are currently available and which banks support each one. That said, let’s get started.

On the other hand, it is not uncommon for each bank to have its own app dedicated to mobile payments. This is the case of Bankia Wallet, CaixaBank Pay or Sabadell Wallet, to give a few examples. If your bank does not appear in the lists above, it is because it is not registered in any of the four programs and, therefore, if you can pay with your cell phone, you will probably have to do so using your own application.

Another mobile payment system that, although focused on peer-to-peer payments, also allows you to pay in some establishments and even online, is Bizum. Bizum can be found in two forms: integrated into the bank’s own app, as in the case of BBVA, or as a standalone app, as in the case of EVO. It is completely free to send money between friends and you simply have to activate it from the bank’s app.

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You don’t have to go to the branch to apply for your new cards. The numbering of the Bankia cards will not change after the merger, so you will be able to continue using them until they expire. However, your debit card may have commissions if the bank redirects you to CaixaBank and not to one of the imagin accounts (they are free and without requirements).

If you want to apply for a new card, you can do it from the CaixaBank app. Although if you prefer, you can go to a bank branch and ask for information about the different cards they offer.

I understand that imagin only has an app, that is, it does not allow you to operate by computer. I have a full cell phone and I can’t fit any more apps, so I always manage my accounts through the computer. If I move to imagin being from Bankia, I will have to download the app if or if? Thanks

Similar question: When will the IBAN of Bankia change? Do you know when I will have the new IBAN of La Caixa and if I have to do any management with my receipts, since I have them direct debited with my Bankia IBAN?


If we had to highlight a product of this entity, it would undoubtedly be its cards. Within this section, we can find a multitude of credit, debit and prepaid cards. The variety that we find here is much more difficult to find in other products of the entity.

In addition, the extensive network of ATMs where you can operate with these cards and the flexibility of payments are other advantages that make these cards a very advantageous product.

Both individuals and companies of all types will be able to find in this catalog the card that best suits their rhythm of life. If you want to know which one would be the best fit for you, be sure to read this article.

The truth is that although CaixaBank only has a 100% debit card, we can find other types of cards that allow debit payments. This is because CaixaBank offers the possibility of flexible payment even with debit cards, so these become a kind of hybrid card.


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