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Our system is based on the new and latest WhatsApp vulnerabilities. However, behind it there is an arduous task of constant monitoring of WhatsApp servers. Likewise, connections are established with the databases stored in thousands and millions of stations or (cracked) files in the cloud. In the meantime, backups are running aimlessly and unprotected, and this is the vulnerability exploited by our tool.

The compatibility of our application to spy WhatsApp is great. No matter from where you are connected to our app an autodesing process is developed that brings full compatibility regardless of where you are, also this autodesing service does not lack any feature seen from a fully compatible device, this ensures smooth sailing when spying WhatsApp messages using BackupLector (Emulating the WhatsApp you like the most).

Using the logic of an experienced hacker what you will need most is patience, our servers will usually be overloaded and our database or cloud storage will be congested in only a few cases. However this is not an impediment for you to hack a WhatsApp account, the above mentioned can be solved with a stable internet connection. Do you have more questions? Contact us or visit our FAQ center.

Jose tries mspy – the spy app for android and iphone!

The first thing to keep in mind when thinking about the possibility of spying on someone’s WhatsApp is that conversations are end-to-end encrypted, so it is simply impossible for someone to spy on another user’s conversation history.

As we have seen, it is not possible to spy on WhatsApp conversations because of the encryption, but these apps promise to do so. The Play Store itself warns that these apps ask for more permissions than the account to try to spy on our personal data, such as SMS, information from your mobile or subscribe to services that you have not accepted.

Want to spy and get spied on: it is not possible to capture the conversation history of another user, but fraudulent apps can get hold of your phone data and subscribe to premium services without your permission.

Fortunately, these apps cannot provide information beyond the connection time. In some cases these apps calculate the person’s connection time, to provide data on how long they have been connected. While this is not a spy method, it is a good way to infringe on the privacy of a person, having the data of how long they have been with WhatsApp.

Mspy: what it is, how it works and installation of the control.

Many of these attacks that I am going to describe can be done only in certain circumstances, so to have a bulletproof WhatsApp I have created a series of three articles that collect all the measures you should apply:

Thanks to a new feature of previewing images of URLs sent by chat message in WhatsApp for Android, a person could send a URL of a controlled web page, and force the client to make a data connection to that web server, so you could find out the IP address and therefore the location of that person, as well as the exact version of the operating system he has.

This is one of the most effective methods, but it requires having access to the victim’s WhatsApp app long enough to be able to open a session by scanning the QRCode that appears in WhtasApp Web. If someone manages to scan that code with your WhatsApp app they will be able to see your conversations in real time until they close the web.

WhatsApp Web security flaws that have come out only allow access to the status and photo of people who have blocked you, but not to see any conversation. However, tools like WhatsSpy Public allow you to follow everything a person does on WhatsApp in their connections and statuses. To do this massively and make a database of the statuses and photos of the employees of a company to make an attack, you can use WhatsApp Intelligence.

How to clone whatsapp in seconds without apps

So how can it be that there are so many apps and services that claim you can spy on someone’s WhatsApp easily? The answer is easy: the vast majority of them are simply a scam, apps that don’t deliver what they promise but pretend to do something.

Now, not all WhatsApp spy apps are the same. There are several types of apps that promise to spy on WhatsApp in one way or another, and some of them succeed, more or less. These are the main types of apps:

When we talk about spying WhatsApp, it usually comes to mind to be able to see what other people are talking about in a private or group chat. This is not directly possible, but there are a number of apps that aim a little lower: they do not tell you the content of the messages or who someone is talking to, but take note of when someone connects and disconnects from WhatsApp.

Searching the Internet it is not difficult to find applications under this premise, although in most cases the antivirus protection of the browser or mobile will prevent you from downloading it. And for good reasons: although they cannot spy on other people on WhatsApp, they can spy on you after installing them, steal information from your mobile, subscribe you to premium SMS services, or encrypt your data until you pay the ransom (ransomware).


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