Descargar audiolibros gratis en español para android

Free audiobooks for children

This app includes more than 24,000 audiobooks that can be listened to both online and downloaded to the device. One of its strengths is that it includes audiobooks in more than 20 different languages, so if you want to practice another language, it may be an option to take into account.

Likewise, you can place markers at key moments of the program in question to pick up the exact minute where you left off. Ah! And it is updated with all the audios that are uploaded to Leer Escuchando and LibriVox, a seal of quality.

As with the Android app, Quédelibros has several languages available, including Catalan, Galician and Basque. You’ll also find Portuguese, German, French, Italian, English and even Latin (this is wonderful).

Here you have a selection of audio books, especially great classics, and it is updated every month. You can choose by literary genre or author. Try it out, there are many literary gems to listen to.

Audiobooks download

We have already told you about Storytel, the streaming subscription service to listen and read digital books. To do this you must use an app that can be installed on devices such as cell phones, tablets or eReaders that allow the installation of applications. However, you should know that Storytel is a paid service, with an unlimited subscription for 12’99€, although you can find the subscription on offer for 9’99€ per month.

If you are thinking that you are not sure if this service is for you or not, don’t worry! A good option to find out is the Storytel trial period, and we are going to tell you the ways you can enjoy Storytel for free today. Take note!

When you create a Storytel account the first time, you will have a 14-day free trial, but you should know that once the Storytel trial period is over, your monthly subscription will be automatically renewed according to the prices and terms you signed up for. However, you may cancel your Storytel subscription at any time.  Before activating the Storytel free trial you should be aware that it will only be free once.

Free audiobooks in spanish for cell phones

Open Culture is one of the best sites to find educational and cultural material. It gathers content from all over the Internet and presents an admirable collection of audiobooks (mainly classics) that you can download or listen to in streaming. In addition, it has support for various audio formats.

Formerly known as Podiobooks, Scribl offers some of the best alternative audiobooks, many of them recently published. The site distributes audiobook series via RSS; simply click on the link to any audiobook to begin streaming or downloading the narration.

Currently, the site includes a few hundred titles and the number is growing steadily, with at least one new story being published every week. In addition, Storynory boasts some of the most outstanding storytellers.

Since each story uses an HTML5 player, you can listen to the material on virtually any phone, tablet or browser. Storynory contests that the site hosts from time to time encourage creativity for the benefit of your children.

Best audiobooks in spanish

Applications for reading books from the mobile there are plenty, whether we use Android as if we use an iPhone. Over time, audiobooks have been gaining more and more weight, as they allow us to enjoy our books without the need to be aware of the screen. With their rise, new applications have also emerged for Android and iOS that allow us to enjoy these audiobooks, to forget (in the moments we feel like it) the traditional reading format.

We have compiled the best mobile audiobook apps and services, regardless of whether you use an Android phone, an iPhone or an iPad. Most of them are compatible with iOS and Android, so there is no excuse to start enjoying audiobooks right now.

Audible gives us the option to enjoy a one-month free trial, but if you are an Amazon Prime customer you can have a three-month trial period. After this period the subscription is 9.99 euros per month. It is available on iOS and Android.


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