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Sample research report

This is a professional document that you will send to investors, shareholders and your clients. You should take the opportunity and show them photos of your team, the people you have impacted and the places where you have expanded.

Take this REEEP annual report as an inspiration and invest in some professional photos. Not only do they look visually stunning, the images are of your community, and this gives all readers an in-depth look at your brand.

A simple trick to customize icons is to use a border or background shape. As in the example above. Almost all icons in the annual report use a circular background shape that makes them much more eye-catching.

For example, this annual report template uses colors to represent each social media channel. The colors show the brand colors associated with each social media channel, making them easier for readers to recognize:

Not everyone is going to read every word of your annual report, and even if they do, they probably won’t remember most of it. Knowing this, you should try to do everything you can to draw their attention to the points you don’t want them to miss.

How to write a work report

This article will not present a strictly electrical subject, but neither will it present a subject that is alien to the activity that everyone develops; the reason is that I have considered that at some stage of his life, whoever works may find himself in the situation of having to write a report.

A report of this type should begin by summarizing the previous situation, since this overview helps the reader or receiver to grasp the subsequent details with more understanding and to follow them with more interest.

Since in any demonstration it is essential to prove certain facts with certainty, the reader or recipient of the report must know exactly what thesis the reporter intends to establish.

In this type of report, a clear distinction should be made between the facts and their comments, and it should be written in such a way that the reader does not have to be uncertain as to whether it is fact or opinion. It is very important that all the steps that have enabled the reporter to arrive at his main propositions are clearly presented.

Examples of a report

A report is a piece of writing whose purpose is to communicate and give an account of a situation from different perspectives, that is to say, of something about which an exhaustive investigation is being carried out. A report can be requested in any field, be it work, student, university, business, etc., but in order to prepare them properly it is essential to take into account some important aspects of its writing. At the end of this article you will find two examples of correctly written reports: a scientific report and a psychological report. Discover in this unCOMO article how to write a report correctly.

To know how to write a report, it is first important to clear up any doubts about what a report is. Generally speaking, the report is a text on a situation or an event in which the characteristics or the development of the same are described. It is based on observation and is ideal for presenting the reader with everything he or she needs to know about what has happened. It should avoid including personal appraisals by using verbal forms such as: I believe, I think, I would like, I wish, I wish, etc., which should be replaced by others such as: it is observed, it has been analyzed, it proceeded, etc.

Sample report pdf

As the name implies, a research report is intended to inform, and has an objective or objectives to be met. The «objective» comes from the analysis of the research needs. Today we will share some research report examples that you may find useful for your next project.

These sample research reports will allow you to save time and resources, as well as present the data in an efficient and professional manner, without worrying about overlooking important data for decision making in your organization.

Describe what you want to get out of your research: Before you start writing your report, it is important to establish the reasons why you are doing the project and what objectives you want to achieve with this, what topics you will analyze in depth and of course, define a hypothesis.

Find background information: Investigate whether the study has been done previously and what kind of information exists on the topic. This can help you to define a path and to get support from other authors in case you need it.


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