Types of houses vocabulary

Types of houses

When you are done with the vocabulary, don’t forget to test your knowledge with the exercises at the end of the lesson. This will consolidate your learning about the parts of the house in English.

Once you’ve seen the basic (and not so basic) parts of a house in English, you’ll expand your lexicon with a number of other outbuildings that are not common in every home. But don’t think they are strange names. On the contrary; I’m sure you know all of them well, because they are very normal.

Now that you know the parts of the house in English on the inside, it’s time to learn the ones on the outside. Because, let’s face it, you’re going to see more from the street. But, also, because it is more comfortable to describe the outside of a house than the inside if you want to identify it.

The saying goes that it is a bad idea to build a house from the roof up. However, for your vocabulary, it serves as a great reference. Because, in addition to learning new words, you will learn the difference between chimney and fire place or the reason why listening to other people’s conversations is closely related to the eaves of the roof.

Vocabulary of the house in spanish pdf

The place where you live is that particular space in the world where you «recharge your batteries», the place that identifies you, where you build a home, where you recreate unforgettable moments surrounded by family and/or friends or simply with yourself… the refuge where you find peace and calm.

Time to practice, start today to mention the spaces of your home in English, they will surely be engraved in your memory. Remember that practice is the key to the perfection and mastery of the English language you expect.

Vocabulary of house types near gothenburg

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Vocabulary of house

A dwelling unit that is part of a building, in which there is another unit(s) that is (are) usually a dwelling. It has direct access from the outside or through hallways, patios, corridors, stairways or elevators. It has a toilet and kitchen inside. For example, multi-family blocks generally consist of apartments; a house that is renovated to build several housing units with toilet and kitchen for each new unit becomes several apartments (Eurostat’s Concepts and Definitions Database (CODED)).

An agreement whereby a natural person undertakes to render a personal service to another natural or legal person, under the dependence or subordination of the latter and for remuneration (Código Sustantivo del Trabajo, Decreto Ley 2663 de 1950).

Natural or legal persons, who on their own account and risk, independently or in association, make an investment in money or kind, to develop a productive economic activity or services and for this purpose hire third parties in order to achieve their goals and objectives (UN, 1998).


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