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Here you can download the textbook of natural sciences of fifth grade of EGB of the Ministry of Education of Ecuador in PDF format.In addition, we also put at your disposal the teacher’s guide with the solution of all the activities of natural sciences solved. This textbook and its teaching guide are 100% updated according to the new Education curriculum and have been planned, elaborated and distributed by the Ministry.Download textbookDownload solved bookRecommendations for downloading fifth grade natural science textbooksIndex of contents of the fifth grade natural science textbook (5 EGB)

Natural science games

All these primary natural science exercises can be used by those who need them or want to use them as a complement to the subject taught in the classroom. In this way, the natural science worksheets can be of great support for both education professionals and parents of students.

All these natural sciences worksheets are a good way to bring the subject up to date and develop concepts related to biology, physics, chemistry, geology and astronomy, that is, we could say that natural sciences encompass everything given by nature.

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With the uncertainty surrounding the return to school and educational centers, plans at home for a reinforcement of education in anticipation of a situation of blended learning or remote classes through services, applications, tools and content on the Internet are a possibility that should be taken into account.

Notes, resource banks, teachers’ materials, videos and even podcasts are part of the basis that we have selected for the review of the two courses of Bachillerato, as well as the EBAU.

Worksheets to print

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