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Blue Valentine es una película de drama romántico estadounidense de 2010 escrita y dirigida por Derek Cianfrance. Cianfrance, Cami Delavigne y Joey Curtis escribieron la película, y la banda Grizzly Bear le puso música. Blue Valentine presenta a un matrimonio, interpretado por Michelle Williams y Ryan Gosling, que se desplaza en el tiempo entre su noviazgo y la disolución de su matrimonio varios años después.

La película fue aclamada por la crítica y Williams fue nominada al Oscar a la mejor actriz y al Globo de Oro a la mejor actriz de drama, mientras que Gosling fue nominado al Globo de Oro al mejor actor de drama.

Dean (Ryan Gosling) es un romántico empedernido que abandona el instituto y trabaja en una empresa de mudanzas en Brooklyn. Cindy (Michelle Williams) es una aspirante a doctora que estudia pre-medicina mientras vive con sus conflictivos padres y cuida de su abuela en Pensilvania. Su novio, un compañero de estudios llamado Bobby, la lleva a su casa, donde ambos tienen relaciones sexuales, pero él eyacula dentro de ella sin su consentimiento. Esto hace que Cindy, enfadada, rompa con él. Un tiempo después, mientras Dean está entregando muebles a una residencia de ancianos en Pensilvania, se encuentra con Cindy, que está visitando a su abuela. Le da su número, pero ella nunca llama; sin embargo, casualmente se encuentran de nuevo en un autobús y comienzan a salir poco después. Un celoso Bobby no tarda en enterarse y agrede violentamente a Dean.

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And he, Dean, in a desperate attempt to recover the passion in their relationship, proposes to spend a night in a theme hotel. There they stay in the so-called room of the future, a room where through flashbacks they will remember how they met, how they fell in love and how, irremediably, their relationship began to deteriorate.

The film is presented in a non-linear narrative. Throughout the film, the present day timeline is interwoven with the story of how Dean and Cindy became involved. The following is a linear summary of the plot.

Angry that Cindy left the motel without waking him up, Dean shows up drunk at the clinic. He has a heated argument with Cindy that leads to a violent altercation with Dr. Feinberg. Dr. Feinberg kicks Dean and fires Cindy from her job. Cindy demands a divorce from Dean as she leaves the clinic. At her parents’ house, Dean tries to persuade Cindy to give the marriage another chance and asks her if she wants her daughter to grow up in a broken home. Cindy says she doesn’t want Frankie to grow up with parents who are so hateful to each other.

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I was quite well spoken about this movie and after enjoying pleasantly Crossroads a month ago I decided to watch it and the truth is that I liked it although not as much as I expected considering the reviews and comments of the people.Maybe the performances are quite good, Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams but they didn’t end up… See more

Complex story, like life itself, of a couple’s relationship; relationship that already starts in a not very ordinary way, its evolution is more normal (within the conflicting) and the ending is left open. It is told alternating past and present tense and it is a little abused, but at least you know what time you are in. It also abuses the plot a little…. See more

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How much we wanted to see Jane Fonda and Robert Redford together again in a movie and even more if -in this case- we are talking about quality romantic cinema. Addie and Louis are lifelong friends and neighbors and decide to start a relationship and give love a chance in maturity.

Taking a step further, getting out of the bubble and meeting new people or even having a date or two… that’s the purpose of the protagonist of this film. A story about sex, relationships and, above all, first love.

What would happen if the ghosts of your past relationships showed up one night to read you the primer on how selfish you are? That’s what happens to the protagonist of this film, Connor Mead, a sort of contemporary Mr. Scrooge obsessed with flirting and not settling down.

We can’t help but think of The Time Traveler’s Wife when we see the synopsis of this film: thanks to a magic photo booth that sends him back in time, Noah relives again and again the night he met Avery until he manages to make her fall in love with him.